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After not making the picture a day goal last year, I started a new album that I thought I would add to occasionally. After a couple of months I rather missed summarizing each week and having pictures to remind me what I was doing, both generally in my life and photographically. So on June 1st I changed the name of the album and will continue to try to take a picture a day, or at least take pictures on most days.
Life Grows In the Oddest PlacesOdd DuckFountain in IRDifferent Shutter Speeds - FastDifferent Shutter Speeds - SlowBass Lake GeeseMaritta at YosemiteTracks and TrailsK5 utah hiway 017595-2Utah PanoramaEden UtahK5 utah 017604K5 utah 017611Trail to No-WhereK5 kb path 017677K5 kb path 017708Bryce HoodoosK5 bryce 017779K5 bryce 017780Checking The Time